Richard Burry

Entrepreneur in Toronto, Canada

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Richard Burry has over 35 years of expertise in technology, business startups, and management.

Richard is the founder at Smartvu Ltd., an investment entity that directs its focus toward online e-commerce ventures. Additionally, he is the founder of Web Krew S.A., an Internet development firm specializing in areas like webcams, SEO, online directories, web hosting and emails, as well as website design and development.

Earlier in his career, Richard served as the Director of PC Interactive Services at Shaw Communications. In this capacity, he was accountable for supervising the creation and functioning of residential Internet services delivered through high-speed cable modems. His oversight extended across domains such as sales, marketing, finance, technology, content development, installation, maintenance and customer support.

Richard also gained invaluable experience as the Director of Information Systems at CUC Broadcasting Ltd., where his responsibilities included the information systems of a broadcasting enterprise worth $100 million, with a staff of 500 individuals.

Richard Burry has also held significant roles at William Neilson Ltd., John Forsyth Trading and Peridigm.