Richard Pascoe

Technology Consultant and Media Commentator in Adelaide, Australia

Richard Pascoe

Technology Consultant and Media Commentator in Adelaide, Australia

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I've been around nearly as long as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and probably love computers as much as them, except it's me who recommends or fixes them for you. I'm an IT Geek. Yes, I've also been here since the Windows 3.1 days... but most of you wouldn't even remember what that looked like but it was slow and clunky. Of course, I'm nearly old enough to be Mark Zuckerberg's dad but that doesn't stop me. It actually means I tackle all questions with a level head.

So, where did it all begin?

Richard On Computers was born. It then evolved, in 2009, with the domain development of Adelaide Techguy​ (.com) . There's an old saying that "you need to have been doing something for 10,000 hours to become an expert", I passed 10,000 a while ago.​

That's why I am a technology commentator heard on radio, FIVEaa ,891 ABC Drive , Power FM , 5MU , WOW FM , 7BU , 7AD​ and LAFM

I share my knowledge and expertise from years of experience with you so that you are aware of what's out there.

My philosophy is not the "I like Windows over ​ everything else "or "I like Apple over everything else" or even "I like Google over everything else" commentary. I personally think all solutions on the market today are worthy of consideration and it's better to review to see what fits your needs. And that's where I can help.


There is a firm NO FIX, NO FEE policy. *

It is important to me to be on time to my appointments. There are never too many appointments booked to spoil a day (there is nothing worse than people being late or not giving you the time that you deserve).

My service is PREMIUM​

My focus is EDUCATION​

My passion is to know everything there is to know about everything. IT and online is a fast paced, ever evolving subject but I know Windows , Apple , Google , iPhones , Android phones , iPads , Android Tablets , Microsoft Surface​ really well. I will also learn the next thing on the market well too.

My clients expect answers from me and so I deliver. If I can not help you, I will tell you and help you to find someone who can .

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