Richard Romano

Writer in Setauket- East Setauket, New York

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Over the years, writer and teacher Richard Romano has built a diverse professional history in such fields as law enforcement, education, and entertainment, accumulating various accomplishments along the way. A former sergeant and investigator in the New York City Police Department, Richard Romano spent much of his career leading detective, undercover narcotics, and other units on high-profile cases, earning such honors as the Ministers of Harlem Award. Following his service with the NYPD, Mr. Romano wrote the children’s book Raymie, Dickie, and the Bean with his bothers Robert and Ray, star of Everyone Loves Raymond. He went on to teach and coach baseball at two private Christian high schools on Long Island, where today he remains a vital part of the staff.

Inspired in part by his own experiences as a police officer and teacher, Mr. Romano wrote a screenplay about a man’s unique search for his faith, which became The Investigator, a feature film recently released in theaters nationwide. He is also currently working on a book, Sergeant Romano’s Investigation of the Homicide of Jesus Christ.