Richard Rust Indianapolis

Noblesville, Indiana, United States

A board-certified anesthesiologist who practices in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Richard Rust’s specialty is often misunderstood. Many people, even those who are or have been surgical patients, think that the anesthesiologist’s job is to put them to sleep just before surgery, and keep them from waking up until it’s all over. Dr. Richard Rust, whose practice is a partnership that contracts its services to local hospitals in and around Indianapolis, points out that his job is far more complex. For instance, the anesthesiologist must determine if the patient is sufficiently fit to undergo surgery, which is enormously stressful to the body.

After completing medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Richard Rust embarked on a four-year residency, during which he learned the specialty under real-world conditions in hospital operating rooms. He learned to evaluate patients and administer the medications that would render them unconscious or sedate them for surgery, to monitor patients’ vital signs and, when necessary, to adjust the flow of medications. Another type of anesthesia that Dr. Rust learned thoroughly is called block anesthesia, in which the portion of the body being operated on is numbed, but the patient remains awake during the procedure. Dr. Rust also learned how to restore patients to consciousness after surgery.

When he is not attending to his professional responsibilities, Dr. Richard Rust enjoys several hobbies and other activities. A sports car enthusiast, he particularly enjoys spending time out on the open road with the top down on his convertible. In addition, Dr. Rust and his entire family are all food lovers and particularly enjoy working in the kitchen together, creating new dishes from old favorites and experimenting with ingredients and quantities.

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    • Riverview Anesthesiolgists,PC
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    • Indiana University School Of Medicine