Richard G. Scully

Director, Project Manager, and Web Developer in Quincy, California

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Richard Scully is the Founder and CEO of Chamber Nation, aka EcTownUSA, LLC and the Donation Automation Corporation.

Chamber Nation is a national organization providing Chambers of Commerce with tools to automate their workflow and economic development processes through innovative technology and practical applications. Chamber Nation projects have been successfully implemented in over fourty states to date.

Richard has a rich and extensive background in process automation with many years in corporate infrastructure design, automation and calibration to user levels.

Past projects include development of the first Internet-based contingent workforce management system originally known as the TriStep Hiring System, which is now known as eWork.Com. This system is used by major corporations throughout the country to manage contingent workforce acquisition and compliance.

Current projects include a new Community College program to automate Real Work Experience programs and use new talent to create an economic development plan for the communities served by the college.

Richard currently serves as an advisor to the Feather River College Students in Free Enterprise (FRC SIFE), FRC Residence Hall and on the SIFE Economic Development Committee for Plumas County. He routinely works with students on economic development projects and speaks to Chambers of Commerce on how they can put “Commerce” back into the “Chamber.”

Richard has served on several boards during company start-up phases, including AxyGen Scientific, SSPS, D. Automation Corporation and Chamber Nation.

Chamber Nation has been honored with two “Business of the Year” awards, due to Richard’s work with the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce in Arizona and the Quincy Chamber of Commerce in California.

Richard Scully has earned the respect of business owners, company clients and Chambers of Commerce professionals from across the country. He contributes his expertise and time to help lead as many people as possible through the complex online marketing jungle to success for their businesses or organizations.

Richard Scully can be reached at: Richard@ChamberNation.Com