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The ipi House Owner, Producer, Archivist in the United States

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Welcome to The ipi House...

At The ipi House we introduce others to many forms of Art they may not have had the opportunity to experience. We also promote Creators of Art to the global community as a positive force and a counter-balance to the worldwide violence and greed that seems so pervasive these days. We welcome all Artists, Artist's Endeavors or Art Events to submit their work and postings for possible inclusion on our multiple websites.

We have worked within the Arts Community worldwide in multiple areas for over 40 years. Printed Art and Performing Arts; Theatre & Film. Performing, Writing, Production and Management.

For 25+ years The ipi House has been dedicated to the preservation of Art on Paper.
As Archivists, we work to secure and digitally archive multiple genres of Art on Paper; 1st Edition Literature starting in the mid-1800's, Abstract Art from the 1920's and '30's, Concert Posters of the 1960's &'70's, Comix, Comics and Political/Underground Art.

You may enjoy our web series, THE PAPER EYE. Explored are important pieces of Literature and Art; the Artists, Authors, Publishers, Printers, and their histories.
Though THE PAPER EYE is in English, the Art therein is Multi-lingual!

We thank all of you for the support, encouragement and subscriptions to our efforts. After 1,000's of views and many requests, The ipi House now offers for sale to the public pieces from our archival videos. Though some items are limited, many pieces seen on our videos will be made available.
Please submit all archive requests via The ipi House Archive Shop page.

'Tis a pleasure, enjoy the show!

Richard Suertudo, Host; THE PAPER EYE web series.
The ipi House
Member; The Society of American Archivists

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