Richard Wakeley

president and CEO of the PNW in Woodinville, WA

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Richard Wakeley has racked up a lot of accomplishments in his life, but he believes that life is a lifelong learning journey. That is why Wakeley is currently going back to school at Bellevue College. He is working on his Master's in Psychology, believing that this knowledge will allow him to better advocate for those in need. This includes girls who have become victims of human trafficking, as many have developed mental health issues that few people can truly understand. This type of educational foundation will allow him to help those in need.

Finally, Wakeley also strongly believes having a good work-life balance is essential. That is why he always works hard to make time for those closest to him. He strives to spend time with his family members and friends, as it is vital for him to take care of his mental health. Only by taking care of his psychological and physical help can he ensure that he is at the top of his game to help those in need. It will be interesting to see what mission he tackles next.