rich whalen

When I was a kid, my uncle told me to get a job in advertising when I grew up. He was a Fireman, I believed whatever he said.

When I started working at (late 90's), with some really talented folks, I realized he might have been on to something. Working as part of a team, to create something new and different, was infectious.

After moving to RAPP, I got a taste for marketing operations. Again, working with talented folks, who were willing to share their passion, I realized the key to great work is creating the best possible environment for success. The right team, transparent culture, clear vision and relentless passion are the key ingredients to developing somethin new, something great.

I want to enable that. I want to enable great work.

My uncle just retired. I reminded him why I went into advertising. He said I was crazy... 'being a Fireman is the greatest job in the world.'