Rick Garson

Entertainment Executive in Beijing, China

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Rick Garson moved to Beijing, China in 2013 to pursue entertainment initiatives on a global scale.

He has since created and produced numerous events in Beijing and an international consultant for the development of Beijing National Stadium (AKA the Bird’s Nest). Prior to this move, Rick Garson had built up a long and storied career in entertainment, founding numerous successful companies and producing events that have been seen in 100+ countries around the world.

Rick Garson is driven by the possibility of innovation and growth in the entertainment industry every day. He has been at the helm of groundbreaking projects, including the famed Billboard Music Awards.

After years of building up his company ZZYX, Rick Garson now focuses on his new company VX Entertainment, which develops entertaining content and facilitates technological processes for clients and audiences to enjoy. Through VX Entertainment, he impresses the brilliance of mixed reality.

VX Entertainment has been tapped for its talent for The Olympic Games and several other events, due greatly to a company-wide commitment to interactive experiences. VX Entertainment offers a full suite of AR/MR/VR/holographic design/live streaming/3D projection mapping/animation new technology/tools and experts.

The world-class team also provides creative solutions in the form of tailor-made content. Rick Garson and VX Entertainment can meet needs, no matter the industry: entertainment, live events, education, healthcare, luxury goods, automotive, and advertising/marketing. VX Entertainment can unlock brand potential.

Interested in learning more about entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurship? Please visit RickGarson.com and RickGarson.net

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