Rick Greer

Small Business Owner in USA

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Hello, I’m Rick. I’m an entrepreneur living in the quiet and beautiful small town of Camas, Washington in the USA.

As a business owner, I admire other successful small business owners and those who have taken risks and accepted the challenge of being their own boss in an uncertain world.

That exact mentality of following freedom and accepting a life of entrepreneurship has led me to leaving a good 9 to 5 job with a pension, for the complete unknown; to being self-employed. It's taken various attempts over the years to pin down my purpose, but I have finally found my purpose, my motivation; how I can help others.

My journey of setting my intention and finding focus has led me to happily becoming an independent distributor for CrowdPoint Technologies, a company I’m helping to build with ONE THOUSAND other excited and like-minded individuals! Finally, I have found my CROWD! We are Microprenuers, and we are here to assist you! The purpose of life is not just to exist…it’s to be happy, healthy and thrive.

To discover how CrowdPoint Technologies can benefit YOU, please read my blog. Just click on the button above to take a look, and I’ll be there if you have questions.