Rick Koerber (Mar. 6, 1973) Claud R. Koerber Franklin

Capitalist, Liberty Activist, and Litigation Specialist in Utah

Rick Koerber (Mar. 6, 1973) Claud R. Koerber Franklin

Capitalist, Liberty Activist, and Litigation Specialist in Utah

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I am a capitalist. Contrary to what you may believe about THAT word, to me it means, “a liberty minded advocate for prosperity, happiness and peace.”

I am a civic minded entrepreneur, dedicated to advancing capitalism to sanction and complete the political achievement of the American Revolution - both in the United States and abroad. I revere both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

I publish FreeCapitalist.com, and broadcast Free Capitalist Radio. I am the founder of The Free Capitalist Project™, Franklin Squires, and American Founders University. I'm a lecturer, and author including a small book called The Primer™ and a series of courses, lectures, and broadcasts on The 13 Principles of Prosperity™.

I am a family man. With my wife Jewel and our eight children (and two grandchildren), we dedicated to building a venture called Liberty Reef. If you are interested in being friends with, being around, and working with like-minded people, I invite you to drop us note.

My primary "occupation" currently, is working as a litigation specialist through private individual or firm contracts; or through my business, CR Franklin Litigation Services and Law Center. I work with attorneys, law firms and private clients advocating for personal liberty, justice and Constitutional principles in local, state and federal courts. When people get into trouble or into a conflict, and need help defending themselves, I am easily interested. I'm a cause oriented person. My primary legal work involves complex civil and criminal court cases, at all stages of litigation.

In the final analysis, I love the Lord, and I strive to use the talents with which I've been blessed, to create value, and to fulfill the responsibilities of husband, father and U.S. citizen. These are sacred roles to me.

After all is said and done, everything good and lovely in this life, boils down to freedom, and I believe that when a man or a woman experiences that one eye opening paradigm shift, and sees clearly, he or she will define themselves first and foremost by standing up for freedom, no matter the cost.

If you have similar ideas, I hope you'll get in touch.

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