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Rick Stedman

The founding pastor of Adventure Christian Church, Rick Stedman has garnered recognition for his ministerial capabilities. In 1998, only four years after he established the church, he was honored with the Donald McGavran Church Planting Award, bestowed on those who exemplify innovation and leadership in newly formed ministries. In 2005, the North American Christian Convention honored Rick Stedman with its Special Achievement Award, which acknowledges excellence in church guidance. He was also designated as Alumnus of the Decade 1980s by William Jessup University (formerly San Jose Bible College), his undergraduate alma mater. Rick Stedman has spent nearly three decades as a member of the clergy. After being ordained at the First Christian Church in Thousand Oaks, California, he remained there as an Associate Pastor until 1987. From 1987 to 1993, Rick Stedman served as Pastor of Administration and Singles with Crossroads Christian Church, located in Corona, California. He stayed with that ministry until starting Adventure Christian Church in 1994. As an experienced minister with a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the Claremont Graduate School, Rick Stedman makes it a practice to explain the reasonableness of Christianity. He also shows his congregation how to apply the Bible’s teachings to their daily lives. Throughout his ministry, he abides by the principle that knowing God is life’s greatest adventure. In addition to his pastoral duties, Rick Stedman has shared his faith-based message in scores of publications. The author of more than 50 articles dealing with spiritual matters, he has also written two books. His most recent, 31 Reasons to Believe God Exists, was published in 2011. The other, Pure Joy! The Positive Side of Single Sexuality, has been in print since 1993. In 2000, it was re-released under the title Your Single Treasure.