Rick Tonoli

Team Lead, tinkerer, and Philosophy in Christchurch, New Zealand

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What people say or have said about me...

"I'd liken Rick to a complex product of Dilbert, Eli Goldratt, Richard Feynman and Mahatma Gandhi. He's got a great sense of humour, and is very humble and approachable. He can cut through any jargon to the simplest root cause/issue and can then explain it in the simplest terms. He has the ability to identify the best element to streamline in order to ensure the highest yield from the team with the minimum effort. Finally, he has 'the knack' - his hobby is programming and as such he has a full understanding of what is required from the people in his team, and can therefore communicate with them much more effectively than any project manager could." - GM

"He is most certainly one of the best in the business that I have had the pleasure of working with and he adds something special to any project that he is involved in." - WS

"Rick's mode of approach in dealing with new challenges, be it people or technical, is very commendable. I found him always calm and collected at the same time communicating his thoughts and ideas very effectively, displaying great persuasion skills." - PB

"Rick is passionate about technology and creating the best solutions for clients. He is also very aware and appreciative of those who report to him and allows voices and opinions to be heard and discussed. In my opinion this characteristic is what makes Rick a great manager and leader." - JL

"He's a true programmer's programmer." - GM

"He has also been responsible for infecting other team members with his passion for excellence..." - MH

"Rick is definitely someone you can trust to get the job done." - MTA

"Rick operates with confidence in his technical world" - BW

"Rick is one of the most talented developers I've had the pleasure of working with. A responsive and intelligent person, with amazing problem solving ability and the ability to adapt to changing environments and needs. His proactiveness often meant that he had solved challenges in the project before we had even realised they existed." - MK