Ricky Hirschi

accountant, Writer, and Podcaster in San Diego

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Greetings, I’m Ricky. I am a CPA by profession, but I have quite a few other projects. Most recently I have started working on my first novel, for a limited time you can see it on Wattpad.

Here are some of my other projects:

My Personal blog is Another Boring Life Story Blog.

My bitcoin blog is Btcplus

My frugal living blog is TheFrugLife

and my Politics blog is MindSalivation

Why not check out all four?

Also, I just launched my first podcast, TheFrugLife. Why don't you pay it a visit? I talk about business, frugal living, Investing and more!

And if you are looking for more, check out my book, Zero to Moon on Amazon. Or my newest book, A Real Money Book: A Beginner's Guide to Passive Income.

I’m former big 4 auditor now working at Axos Bank in San Diego, California. I have a Masters of Accountancy from BYU and passed the CPA exam with a 95 average.