Ricky Li

Seattle, Washington, United States

After 2 years of handling photography, videography, and social media in one form or another for Governor Abercrombie in Hawai`i, decided to try something different. In 2013, he stopped working for Governor, and moved from Honolulu to Seattle, looking to find something that combines, his expertise in social media, photography & network engineering. He has photographed governors, presidents, senators, Nobel laureates, models & artists. Through various fund raising events raised approx $3000 for charity on his own, all with little lead time (some with less than 1 week advanced notice). Spent a month with renowned graffiti/street artists, photographing the progress of the biggest mural ever painted in Hawai`i. Has survived a literal tsunami as one of the lead social media public information officers at the state of Hawaii, serving to get accurate messaging out, and calming fears during the October 2012 tsunami.

He's also worked with AdStreamz inc to cover Pacific Telecommunications Council's annual conference in Hawaii since 2012 providing photography and social media coverage. Volunteered his time with Hawaii VOST in support of Hawaii state civil defense, when natural disasters such as tropical storms/hurricanes and tsunamis target Hawaii.

While he admittedly prefers social media & photography work these days. As a network engineer. he has headed up projects that saved one employer over $80,000 in reoccurring costs, while increasing the functionality of the systems/networks involved. All of that, while redesigning & integrating multiple disparate networks, into a single cohesive network that allowed his employer to become agile enough to weather the instability of the 2ks.

You can follow him on twitter @rickyli99