Web Developer in Coimbra District, Portugal

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First of all my name is Ricardo, but I prefer to be called Ricky. I was born in South Africa - Johannesburg, where I lived until about the age of 9. I then came to Portugal - Coimbra where I'm currently living.

Since I 'surfed' the web for the first time, the Internet has become one of my main passions, making me choose a career in this area. My other passions are music, cinema, TV shows, learning, eating white chocolate, cooking 'francesinhas' (mail me if you're curious about that), playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator, programming, social networking and, as an eternal fan of the X-Files, I love a good conspiracy. As a young and healthy man, I love sports and practice as much as I can off-road biking.

In a professional standpoint, I'm a Full Stack Web and Mobile Developer, but I like to be known as a World Wide Web Worshipper :) Among working with clients from various business areas and markets, I'm currently working on a personal IoT project for the retail and consumer industry.