Frontend Developer in Hyères, France

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First of all my name is Ricardo, but I prefer to be called Ricky.
I was born in South Africa (Johannesburg), and lived there until the age of 9. I then went to Portugal (Coimbra) where I resided most of my youth and early adult life (I’m still a kid in my head, by the way). Very recently I moved to the south of France (Hyères), here I’m looking forward to start a new adventure in my life (FYI: I don’t speak French yet, working on that, very slowly...).

Since I ‘surfed’ the web for the first time (in the early interweb ages), the Internet has become one of my main passions, making me choose a career in Information Technology.
Although very passionate about tech in general, my other passions are music, movies, TV shows, learning new stuff, cooking ‘Francesinhas’ (mail me if you're curious about that), programming and (as an eternal fan of the X-Files) I love a good conspiracy theory. Also, as a young and healthy person, I love sports and practice as much as I can off-road biking and hiking.

In a professional standpoint, I began as a Web Designer back in the early internet days and some years later I started working as a Full Stack Developer. But what I enjoy the most – and what I've been fully committed at – is working with Frontend in general. As an Independent Contractor, I have the pleasure to work with clients from various business areas in different countries.