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Rico-Jay, is a little boy (8 year) that has his whole life problems with his digestive system. After years of fiddling around with various medications, rinses from 'above' and 'below', doctors discovered that Rico-Jay has a dolichocolon which was turned so that it is appointed as dolicho-megacolon. Which means: "a Far too long and tortuous colon."Or as the surgeon says, "Rico-Jay's colon is just like our small intestine in the abdomen."Because at some point, Rico-Jay was recorded monthly for two days to wash and even that no longer worked and because he became sicker, the doctors laid an ileostomy on December 17, 2013. A stoma in the small intestine.The hope was that Rico-Jay could be pain free and symptom-free, but unfortunately this is not the desired result.After some investigating, he also appears to haveslow gastric emptying and alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency. A lack of protein which is produced by the liver and colon and can result into to lung and liver problems.The doctor in Germany appointed the paralyticgut (intestines cripple). Because Rico-Jay's mother has inherited and rare connective tissue disorder Ehlers Danlos, Rico-Jay was also tested for that as well and unfortunately recently, diagnosed positive.

Because Rico Jay still has daily abdominal pain, nauseous and dizziness, his colon is still in his body. He weight more than 11 kg in a year even though he does not eat more than normal and mostly under the FODMAP diet. He is oftenextremely tired and he often needs to stay home from school or needs to go to the hospital because of his poor condition. Concerns continue to exist about Rico-Jay.Through a friend in America, which is the fate of Rico Jay huge pull, we came in contact with Children's Hospital Boston where we hope weather they can make a living for Rico-Jay as a 'normal' boys his age, without pain and preferably without stoma, which can play again, romp, do a sport etc. So Please help Rico-Jay with your gift and click the link below; www.ricojay.com

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