Ric Overton

Musician in Berkeley, CA

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Hey there, I'm Ric Overton and I'm the proud owner of R. Kassman Piano, located in Berkeley, CA. At our piano company, we specialize in importing Fine European Pianos and also offer more budget-friendly options.

I am absolutely passionate about the piano industry and can talk endlessly about the rich history of these incredible instruments.

Although my main focus is on Gospel Music, I have a deep appreciation for all genres of music and even serve on the executive board of a local performance company.

I have immense respect for piano teachers and technicians, as I believe they are the driving force behind the success of the industry.
Be sure to check out our websites RKassman.com and PianoSD.com, as well as shop.rkassman.com to explore more about what we have to offer.

Let's share our love for music and pianos together!

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