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Hi and welcome to The Right Universe {TRU, for short, and TRU{th}, for more accuracy}. We created our blog 7'ish months ago because we wanted a place to write about our views on politics, current events, etc.

It is our aim to publish truthful posts {citing our sources} to, perhaps, give people a different perspective that they might not have considered. We don't peddle the sort of propaganda put out there by the MSM and we WILL call out lies when necessary. If we publish an opinion piece, we will clearly say so. We carefully research everything before writing blog posts and vow to apologize and clarify, should we ever publish something in error.

We are ardent Trump supporters who think he's an incredible man and exactly what the country needed. We are life-long gamers, because we often need an escape from the insanity of our world. We're passionate photographers, because we love to capture the important, sentimental, interesting moments of our journey.

Our profile picture has both the U.S. flag and the Union Jack to represent the patriots of both countries. Although our governments may have strained relationships, we stand together with every patriot in every country against the establishment. We stand with those who are woke. We are good fighting evil and we will win because God is with us.

Join us in The Right Universe. It sure beats the alternatives.