Riley Rasmussen

Logistics, Supply Chain, and Communications in Des Moines, IA

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Riley Rasmussen is a professional seeking career advancement in the Communications industry. Ramussen maintains a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Studies, with double minors in General Business and Advertising. Additionally, he holds a Leadership Certificate. Currently, Rasmussen stands as an Account Manager with Worldwide Logistics. However, he is specifically interested in returning to his Communications roots!

A natural leader, Riley Rasmussen thrives under pressure. There is no task he can’t complete and no deadline he can’t meet! Since graduating from Iowa State University in 2016, Rasmussen has fine-tuned his ability to work within a professional team. Outside of his current role as an Account Manager, he has also held the following positions:

- Communications Intern at Masterson & Botternberg, LLP (2017)

- Brand Ambassador at Bright Future Management, Inc. (2018)

- Contact Center Specialist at Athene USA (2018 - 2019)

In his free time, Riley Rasmussen enjoys playing and watching sports. Every year, he keeps up with the NFL, college football and college basketball seasons. An ISU Cycle through and through, he still proudly cheers on the University’s Iowa State Cyclones teams in football and basketball. His favorite team in the NFL is the Minnesota Vikings. (Fun fact: Riley Rasmussen shares a surname with former Vikings offensive lineman, Randy Rasmussen!)