Rinelle Villareal

Innovation /Built Environments /Design Management in London, United Kingdom

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100% design creative. 100% organiser. 100% genuine sunny disposition (1% madness / 99% general good humour).

Fueled by all the possibilities that exist within and outside of design, I look for inspiration in every person and life experience that comes my way.

I am a design & museum junkie. A bonafide girl scout (always be prepared!) A yoga enthusiast. A musical archaeologist. A proud trekkie, fireflyer, and star wars fan. An expert catnapper. An experimental baker and cook. A massive foodie. A fan of languages. A love of the written word. An avid globetrekker. A general happy bunny.

"The life of a designer is a life of observation, asking questions, identifying problems, and developing solutions to those problems. It is the complete immersion and dedication in the pursuit of making the world a little bit better than when we first arrived. Perhaps that's a grandiose statement but in the end I would like to look back and see that I have contributed something that mattered."

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  • Work
    • Forpeople Ltd.
  • Education
    • Northumbria University