Ripton Rosen

Co-president L4 Foundation in New York, NY

Ripton Rosen is a multi-talented professional with expertise in various fields. He brings a wealth of knowledge, including data science, digital strategy, entrepreneurship, brand management, and social media support. As a data scientist, Rosen analyzes complex data sets to identify insights that drive impactful decision-making. He can naturally identify the right questions and determine the most effective methods. He has developed predictive models that have helped organizations make better-informed decisions, and his expertise in data mining has been invaluable in identifying growth opportunities. Rosen’s experience as a digital strategy manager has provided him with technical knowledge and a creative mindset to develop digital strategies that foster industry growth. He collaborates with business development, marketing, and organizational management teams to create strategic partnerships that enhance business performance. His passion for entrepreneurship has allowed him to think outside the box and create innovative ideas for products and services. He has built organizations from the ground up, and his willingness to take risks has enabled him to explore new possibilities and build successful ventures.

As a brand manager, Rosen has developed effective branding strategies for established and emerging companies. He is experienced in communication channels, branding, product development, market research, and promotional strategies. He has a natural ability to oversee various business functions, including communication channels, branding, promoting products and services, and conducting market research. He has excelled as a social media support person, which has made him valuable to modern businesses. He uses his proficiency in social media support to maintain communication channels to help resolve customer questions, concerns, and problems, providing exceptional customer service that drives customer loyalty.

  • Education
    • Elon University
    • Flatiron School