Rita Ames

Writer in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

English made. There used to be a sign that says 'Welcome' now it just says 'Wel...'? I live in AMESWORLD between forest and sea.

I enjoy script writing for theatre, comedy performing, writing books, short stories and poems that rhyme.

I like to laugh and make other people laugh. I have a secret smile, but only for special people. Don't taunt me as I am known for my wicked comebacks. I value good friends and colleagues and appreciate support.

Don't ask me my age as it is irrelevent to whether I like you or not. If you read any of my work please take the time to review it, I love those reviews and I need to know I am on the right track.

Help me in my dastardly plan to take over the world. A small slice of world readership (note clever word play on leadership) would suffice for now though....? DON'T BE FOOLED BY MY POLITE PERSONA, MY WRITING IS HARDHITTING AND GRAPHIC WHATEVER THE SUBJECT 18+ Although I do it with a smile :)

Books published :-

If The Shoe Fits - An 18+ erotic contemporary romance

Love You To Death - Psychological Thriller - What would happen if a serial killer was to lose his memory? Carl Dawson is on the loose! - read this with the light on! Lock the doors, but that won't stop him from Loving You To Death!

NIGHT FLAMES - A collaboration by two hot authors who write (sorry two authors who write HOT!) but if you wanna take it the other way :P - This collection has something for everyone from Sexy Shifters to Hot Bosses and one for those with a Shoe Obsession.

**NEW! - EYES IN THE MIRROR - Out Now! - A hard hitting Crime Detective Thriller with a rollercoaster of a plot, a London Crime Lord, a brick shithouse of a bodyguard, oh and don't forget the New York Gang (more on them in Book 2 - being written now) - Getting great feedback and reviews.

SILVER IN THE MOONLIGHT - Out Jan 2016 - A Paranormal Romance duet. Two steamy Novellas with plenty of steaming hot Vampires! What's not to like?

ANGEL SONG - A Paranormal YA romance - Out 2016

SEE THROUGH MY EYES (Book 2 Freedom series) - Crime Thriller sequel to Eyes In The Mirror - Out 2016.

ALL of my books in e-book cost less than a coffee from Starbucks.

Indie authors need your support so why not buy one book a month and discover a whole new world of fantasy to lift your soul.

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