Ritika Puri

1986:Came to the United States as nameless pre-human part of Indian immigrant mother. Gave her weird food cravings for cheeseburgers and sweets.

1986:Born. Don't remember it.

1992: Begrudgingly named brand new baby brother with disappointment that he was not a sister. Wanted a refund. Got over it. Ended up liking him.

1996: Learned HTML to code 1st website with animated GIF overload.
Four painful words: twinkling hot pink stars. Less painful words: galloping bunnies.

1998:Became a published poet.

2007:Became an accidental entrepreneur after founding a health center. Did not know what an entrepreneur was. Figured it out later.

2009: Existential crisis.

2011: Fell in love with the business side of tech. Finally figured out what it means to have a lifelong dream.