Riz Rayzada

SEO, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Strategy in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I am Riz Rayzada. I’m an SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer.

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am a big fan of Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Web Development.

Now I am working as an SEO Expert at 99Extraincome, UbuntuPIT, Beyogamom, and Techtenfo.

SEO Features-

1. OnPage SEO

2. Technical SEO

3. OffPage SEO

4. Keyword Research

5. Competitors Analysis.

Digital Marketing Features-

1. Social Media Marketing

2. Marketing Strategy

Content Writing Features-

Nich- Tech, Make money, yoga, Linux,

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Riz Rayzada

phone num- 01835210484

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