Rizwan Mallal

Based in Massachusetts, Rizwan Mallal serves as a co-founder and Vice President of Operations at Crosscheck Networks, Inc., a computer software and hardware company. At Crosscheck Networks, he supervises all company sales and marketing strategies, as well as business expansion, and planning. Mr. Mallal’s accomplishments include achieving a 50 percent annual growth in revenue.

Previously, he served as a chief security architect and senior software engineer for several tech start ups that had successful exits. In addition, Rizwan Mallal serves as an angel investor and mentor for an assortment of start-up technology firms located along the East Coast and West Coast. An alumnus of the University of Vermont, Rizwan Mallal draws on nearly 15 years of experience in the computer science and information technologies.

In his leisure time, Rizwan Mallal enjoys reading. Some of his favorite books include Ancient Rome, Marriage and Morals, The Greatest Show on Earth, and Selfish Gene. He also takes pleasure in swimming, traveling, and supporting a number of charitable causes. Socially conscious, Mr. Mallal contributes to the Fisher Foundation. He also serves on the advisory board of BUILD Boston, the most extensive program in the nation to foster the development of entrepreneurial skills among underprivileged adolescents while also promoting a comprehensive high school education.

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