Rob Hunter

Melbourne, Australia

I've been an entrepreneur since high school, where I ran a hot dog stand to raise funds for web hosting.

I've worked in all kinds of fields — everything from advertising to public housing. Some of the hats I've worn:

  • copywriter & editor
  • cleaner
  • film-maker
  • designer
  • teacher, leader, coach
  • sales and marketing guy
  • ethical "white hat" security penetration expert

Seeing the world from so many different angles has led me to "systems thinking"; now I can't help but ponder how a restaurant is like software, or how education is like an airport.

I've lived in at least five countries across three continents. I came to Australia in 2008 for a research mission and liked it so much I wound up staying. I have an interest in human languages and I've worked with more computer languages than most developers could name.

I'm into civil liberties (including software freedom and privacy), philanthropy and the human mind. I love all kinds of music; while I don't have formal training, I am a passionate performer (whether I have an audience or not).