RMA Supply

Rock Island, IL, US

Operated by military and law enforcement veterans, RMA Supply manufactures advanced body armor. RMA Supply designs products for use by police officers and military personnel who need strong, lightweight protection.

The company’s armor consists of segments of chemically bonded ceramic. In tests conducted by the National Institute for Justice, the company’s Level IV armor products withstood multiple hits from rifle-caliber rounds. In September 2013, RMA Supply also introduced a Level III soft body armor for law enforcement officers.

Blake L. Waldrop, the chief executive officer of RMA Supply, served in the Marine Corps and as a police officer before founding the company in 2013. The company in Rock Island, Illinois, recently won an award from the Tama County Economic Development Commission for its strong management and revenue growth. Its products are 100 percent made in the United States and offered for sale in all 50 states and to APO boxes.

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