Rodrigo Rocha

Application Security Specialist in Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am an accomplished Application Security Specialist, an experienced educator, and a seasoned Information Security consultant, based in Ottawa, Canada. My professional journey encompasses a profound passion for information technology, cybersecurity, and a deep-rooted curiosity in physics. Holding a CISSP certification, I leverage my expertise to empower individuals and enhance their grasp of application security within organizations.

Feel free to explore my professional background and achievements on my LinkedIn profile by clicking the button below. Should you wish to connect or discuss potential opportunities, please don't hesitate to reach out via the social links provided below. If you prefer, you can use my PGP key to send me a more private message.
PGP: 770A976F

  • Education
    • Graduation on Data Processing
    • Information Security Management Postgraduate
    • Project Management Postgraduate
    • ISC2 CISSP Certify