Hii there!! thank you for taking out your time to visit this page to know about the author. Imran, is a tech student and computer enthusiast,who spends most of his time surfing the web.He has interests in blogging,video editing and photo collection.Also finds fun and peace at his tumblr blog,which speaks his mind and feelings.He is a dreamer,loves to play tabla and finds happiness with his family and friends.

Favourites :

Actor : christian bale,hritik roshan.

Actress : aishwarya rai

Movies :

Inception,Brave Heart,The shawshank redemption, the king's speech,Good will hunting,Fight club, LOTR series, and many more.

Tv series : How I met your mother,Family guy.

Music : Anything that sounds pleasant to listen.

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  • Education
    • computer science under graduate