Rhyan Reid

Portland, Oregon

You already know me, or you don't, either way, I exist, at least in my own mind.

I currently live in Portland Oregon, a city that embraces the odd and unusual, where being normal is abnormal.

I have started companies, managed projects, designed and built all manner of entertaining things and consumed quite a few bottles of rather nice wine (maybe that last part should have been in another paragraph?). I have been working since I was twelve years old and consider myself retired from the construction trades, since I have over twenty years experience in the field. I have recently become rather intrigued by the emerging crypto currencies Bitcoin and Litecoin and am exploring a couple business opportunities in the space currently, I'm always looking for new ideas though, email me.

I am an adventurous eater. I love to cook and am reasonably good at it, if my friends are to be believed. I love Champagne and Tequila and if I have any say in the matter pulled pork will be the last, lingering, taste my palate experiences as I exit this mortal plane.

If you think sixteen semesters in college is a mark of over education, than I am simply well educated. I went back to college (years after dropping out to found a company) and earned a couple degrees, one in finance and another in social science. Currently contemplating a masters degree in finance, though a biz dev position in a startup would be more interesting in many ways (I'm open to ideas, email me).

I used to be a competitive skier, now I climb mountains. It's (marginally) cheaper and takes (slightly) less time. I cook, I volunteer, I consult on projects I find entertaining.

  • Education
    • Finance
    • Social Science
    • Washington State University