Rob Novak

Silicon Valley, CA

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I'm a writer, photographer, system/network/storage administrator, Whovian, vintage computer and technology fan, mild parrothead, former newspaper writer/photographer, former radio host/operator, dormant amateur radio operator, proprietor of Indyramp Consulting and Andromedary Instinct, and a few other things.

My day job finds me in San Jose working for Cisco in Software Solutions & Innovation. It's unlikely that anything I say on the Internet will ever officially represent Cisco, so don't overthink it.

You will usually find me in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area. I've been as far as Seoul or Key West.

I am not the late Robert Novak of Sun Times/Crossfire/Valerie Plame fame. I am also not the former product manager for high end workstations at Sun, or the former SGI upper-level tech support guru. I am more of a Trib guy, and apolitical, although I did work for a year at Sun and I may own 3-4 working SGI workstations still.

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    • Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA