Roanne Bacchus

Psych-K Facilitator and Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach in Florence, South Carolina

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Roanne helps women move toward healing and #EnjoyingBeing by helping them resolve the root causes for why they don't feel great. She utilizes Psych-K®, Lifestyle Prescriptions®, and other complementary methods. Her down-home upbringing, followed by a 15-year healing and learning journey helped establish her belief in a holistic lifestyle as the best prevention AND cure. Epigenetics shows us that our mind influences our internal environment and thus our health. Working on her own internal and external environment gave her the biggest health and life changes.

"In the words of Victor Frankl, I was "...challenged to change myself" in order for my life and health to change. I now incorporate the same tools - addressing the mind, body and social, to enable my clients to gain better clarity and more wellness. Now I seek to help you find your own #EnjoyingBeing.

  • Work
    • Adnexa Wellness
  • Education
    • Lifestyple Prescriptions® University