Rob Cooper


Once weighed 475 pounds. Now I don't. Have held the moniker of Former Fat Guy since about 2000 and run website of same name. Am the author of Fat Loss Fundamentals but that's not just who I am...

I'm fascinated by the subject of change. I'm fluid... dynamic... and best described as "being like water." I adapt to circumstance or create my own. Very rarely hit a wall, but rather find a way over it or around.

I've climbed Kilimanjaro in Africa, to Mt Everest Base Camp in Nepal, I love finding a new scramble in the Canadian Rockies. I bungee jump, skydive, white water raft and will be taking up kayaking next. I move because once I was not able to.

Currently fascinated by gardening, permaculture and sustainable living. I swing kettlebells, prefer spirits and take the time to source out pasture raised grass fed beef, pork, chicken and eggs (I eat 3 every day).

I've moved from SAD to vegetarian to vegan (12 years) to paleo to keto to Carnivore.

I ferment peppers, know a thing or two about SEO and I drive a Jeep... a ninety four.

20 years ago I was driving a taxi.

Next adventure might take me to Peru to build an Earthship or to Argentina to climb Aconcagua.

In the mean time, I'll just keep speaking in keyword phrases, seeing grids wherever I go and randomly throw out a "did you see that font?" from time to time.