Robert K. Bell

Web Developer in Sydney NSW, Australia

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# My self-summary

I'm a Developer with a focus on clarity and maintainability, primarily in Elm and JavaScript (node.js & frontend).

My favourite things include self-documenting code, Elm & functional programming, automated builds, inclusive design, and my three hounds.

# What I’ve worked on

- Dozens of site build projects (Business Catalyst, Kentico), for an agency that does Digital Transformation.

- Custom node.js + typescript integration between two Project Management systems, for the business' own use.

- A Line-of-Business frontend javascript app that keeps track of hired-out equipment, running on Business Catalyst and integrating with Xero.

- An app that uses web notifications to remind users when they begin to miss tracking time in timers. Built in Node.js + Elm, integrates with Accelo.

- Revealing Business Intelligence information via Power BI dashboards, drawing data from SQL Server.

# I’m really good at

- Deep Work.

- I'll listen intently as problems are explained, and get to the real cause.

- Paired problem solving / mentoring; it feels great to help a peer break through a problem.

# Side projects

I've been working on an Elm app that demonstrates complex behaviour of agents from simple rules, using Utility Theory:

  • Work
    • Web Development
  • Education
    • TAFE Certificate IV in Network Administration