Robert Paterson

Knowlton Quebec, Canada

Hi, my name is Rob Paterson. For part of my life I was a very conventional person. I attended very traditional British schools and went into investment banking as a career.
Yet much of my early years were spent in nature. As a boy, I lived in Ghana and spent most of my time on the beach. Most of my vacations were spent in rural New Brunswick. My teen years were spent in rural England. As a teenager I spent a year as a diamond prospector in Botswana. I lived and worked in the bush under canvas exposed to the majesty of how life must have been lived before civilization. The natural world had seeped into my core.
I left all that behind and had a career. I was the typical institutional person, but in my forties I began to feel that something was wrong. Of course I felt that I was the one with the problem, not the system that I had spent my life in. But after much anguish, I woke up. For the last 20 years I have devoted my life to understanding the shift from machine to nature that we are living through. These booklets are a summary of all that I have learned.
My CV is here if you want to see more detail of what I have been up to.

  • Education
    • Oxford University
    • Harrow School