Robert Bilsland

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Father in Great Malvern, United Kingdom

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Robert has been in the IT industry since 1990 working with many development environments and platforms from mainframes to websites and assembler to .Net. He has created interactive spherical panoramas and panoramic views since 1999. He takes part in the World Wide Panorama events and shares his panoramas on many sites. His work has been internationally exhibited and he has been awarded the title of Master of Contemporary Panoramic Photography.

He also is a Champion volunteer for an international initiative (that started in the UK) called Code Club that brings enthusiastic volunteers and venues together to run coding clubs for children aged between 9 and 11. Once a week he runs an after school club at a local primary school allowing children to experiment using digital skills like Scratch, Micro:Bits and Python. All this is done under the umbrella of having fun and allowing the children to bring their creativity to what they are doing.

If you are reading this after finding a bluetooth beacon that lead you here, might I suggest looking around, I'm probably quite close!

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