Robert Butković

I am a graphic designer, born, raised and still kicking in Zagreb, Croatia. I was introduced to this world in 1980. and 18 years later I finished the "School of applied arts & design" where I ended up as a photography designer. But photography was not my frist love. Graphic design was.

So, here I am: living and breathing for the graphic design.

I get my kicks in designing logos, CD covers and all sorts of illustrations based on photo manipulation. I can stare at the computer screen for very long periods of time without food, water or sleep, especially when I am designing something interesting.

So, if you need a durable, persistent and creative designer, give me a nudge and I'll try to be the best medium between your thoughts and paper... or screen... or whatever...

And for last I saved a spot for one of my favorite sayings:
"It's not hard to earn money, it's hard to earn it by doing something you love and are willing to devote your life to."