Robert Hirsch

Austin, Texas

Robert Hirsch

Austin, Texas

Robert Hirsch, owner of South Fork Ventures & CEO at The Elevation Group, is the consummate entrepreneur.

Over the past 22 years, he has started, scaled, or sold several dozen businesses in Technology, Health, Entertainment, Information Marketing, and Executive Consulting.

Robert started his first business at 16. When he sold the business at age 18, it had already grown to 6 stores.

During his college years, Robert studied in entrepreneurial programs at several prestigious colleges and universities. By the end of college, he had started and sold several lucrative businesses.

For the next 12 years, Robert alternated as founder and CEO of several marketing and technology companies.

He became CEO of Global Courier Travel at the age of only 22 years old. The company sold to Expedia in 1999.

He then assumed a position on the board of one of the internet’s first search engines at only 24 and led a company public by age 26.

Fascinated with the impact of the internet on business, he became Director of Internet Marketing for Siemens AG, leading teams in Munich, London, and San Francisco to implement the telecommunications division of their e-Business.

He then founded Adventure Central – a site that consolidated the travel industry online while most people were still renting a Fodder’s Guide from their local library.

He represented his country twice as an alternate on the U.S. Fly Fishing team while steering many of the above-mentioned companies from $5 to as much as $50 million in annual revenue.

At only 34 years old, Robert founded a private equity fund of over seven companies, South Fork Ventures.

While overseeing these companies, Robert spent some time in executive consulting.

It was there that he met the founder of The Elevation Group – who asked Robert to take the helm as CEO in 2012.

Based in Austin, Texas, The Elevation Group is currently one of the fastest growing companies in America.