Robert Litzinger

Student in Montana

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Robert Litzinger spent most of his early life and childhood in Monticello, New York. Here, he began to discover his passions and skills for business and working with other people.

When he was just twelve years old, Robert Litzinger was already thinking about ways he could work and earn a living. He grew passionate about working and developing his own business plans for landscaping gigs and other handy work around his local neighborhood.

In addition to his incredible work ethic, Robert Litzinger also enjoyed other personal hobbies as a kid such as riding dirt bikes, playing with his pet rabbit, and art.

Today, Robert Litzinger has further developed his passion for art, learning how to sew and work with leather to create awesome crafts such as wallets, books, notepads, blankets, and beyond. He has also spent many years learning and mastering trends in graphic design. Visit his Instagram page to see some examples of his work.

Along with a passion for creativity and making things, Robert Litzinger is also passionate about making connections with people and spreading positivity. He has accomplished this in numerous ways throughout his professional career as well as through numerousvolunteer efforts in his community.

Additionally, Robert Litzinger spent several years serving in the United States Air Force, where he received valuable training and educational experiences that have helped him grow and succeed as individual along the way.

  • Work
    • Montana State University
  • Education
    • Montana State University
    • Community College of the Air Force