Robert Moran

Journalist in New York

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I work at ABC News.

Fiat justitia (et ruat caelum) - Let there be justice though the heaven's fall
Ad augusta per angusta - to high places by narrow roads.
It is better to fight for your principles than to die for your sins...
Life is great!
I think those quotes pretty much sum me up.
I want to travel the world and backpack through India and visit the Golden Temple.
I want to ride a motorcycle cross country and photograph the country.
I want to help those who cannot help themselves.
I look for interesting people to talk to and share their story.

I am an avid social media user. I love history especially the history of Los Angeles.

For me great journalism is great storytelling and that is all that I have ever wanted to do is tell great stories that both inform and entertain.

  • Work
    • Abc News
  • Education
    • California State University, Fullerton