Robert Noeldechen

Robert Noeldechen is a Principal for Ahern & Partners Advisors Co. Inc. in Greenwich, Connecticut. Currently, he provides advisory services, as well as working on acquisitions and structuring for the Ahern Portfolio. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry on the principal and advisory side, Robert Noeldechen has extensive knowledge of underwriting, acquisitions, divestitures, and risk management. He has created and conducted the execution and due diligence of over $150 billion in many high-profile, single-asset portfolio and corporate transactions for investors, investment banks, banks, insurance companies, owners, debtors, and creditors. His experience encompasses all commercial real estate types: CMBS securities, senior and mezzanine debt, mergers and acquisitions of REITs, real estate finance and bank entities, and partnership interests. He has workout and restructuring experience, and a specialty of his is advising companies and creditors in managing the restructure of highly complex, distressed loans. These include loans that are part of underperforming business and distress situations, operational restructurings, crisis management, and both out-of-court and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

Previously, Robert Noeldechen was a Principal at Ernst & Young Transaction Real Estate Advisory. He has created and implemented the repositioning and disposition strategy for office, retail, residential, development, and vacant land, as well as senior housing, marinas, restaurants, hotel properties, mortgages/notes, mezzanine, and various other ownership interests. His services include valuations, operating, leasing, developing, underwriting mortgages/notes, negotiating and structuring sale price/terms, and intense litigation resolution. Robert Noeldechen holds a Master of Science in Real Estate Development & Investment and Valuation from New York University.

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