Roberto Rocco

The Hague

I am a senior Assistant Professor at the Section of Spatial Planning and Strategy of the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology, TU Delft (The Netherlands).

I am responsible for course development in the areas of research methodology in areas of planning and design practice, regional planning and design and governance. I lead the Summer School Planning and Design with Water .

My main efforts of research are into GOVERNANCE, SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY and SPATIAL JUSTICE as FRAMEWORKS that enable the understanding of urbanization processes and as TOOLS that enable planners and designers to elaborate strategies to achieve sustainable and fair urban development.

In other words, governance, social sustainability and spatial justice are frameworks for understanding and tools for acting.

SPATIAL JUSTICE refers to the promotion of access to public goods, basic services, culture, economic opportunity and healthy environments through fair and inclusive spatial planning and management of urban and rural spaces and resources. This is crucial in order to promote more equitable and socially sustainable societies and to promote the full realization of human potentials. Cities in the developing world are far from offering those conditions to most citizens. In order to achieve spatial justice, we must work towards sustainable governance, fair redistribution of resources and spatial benefits and opportunities. These things will be more easily achieved through democracy and participation. Spatial planners have a special task as designers of new spatial and institutional relationships between civil society, the public sector and the private sector concerning urban development and renewal. See a presentation on these issues HERE.

For other presentations on these and similar issues, see SLIDESHARE.

@The background picture depicts the Borough of Cabucu, in the Northeast of the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It shows a mix of several types of informal urbanization. See my professional p

  • Work
    • Assistant Professor
  • Education
    • Graduate in Architecture and Urbanism FAU USP
    • Master in Spatial Planning FAU USP