Robert O. Young

Dr. Robert O. Young is a highly respected researcher and specialists in the fields of alkaline dietary programs, cellular nutrition, and biological chemistry. Dr. Robert O. Young is one of the top researcher scientists in the world. Dr. Robert O. Young has spent his entire career researching the true reasons behind “disease” and subsequently developed “The New Biology” in order to help people to balance their bodies. This allows people to live out healthier lives through balanced eating and living. In 1994, Dr. Robert O. Young discovered the biological transformation of red blood cells into bacteria and vice versa. He has on several occasions documented cases of these transformations.

Dr. Robert O. Young has been published in a number of noted journals and is the author of numerous articles. He has also written a number of books, including The pH Miracle, Sick and Tired, Back to the House of Health, and The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, among a number of others. Dr. Robert O. Young attended the University of Utah long before he harbored an interest in wellness or cellular nutrition. He majored in business and biology at the University of Utah, where he was under an athletic scholarship for tennis.

Dr. Robert O. Young received his M.S. in Nutrition from The American College in Birmingham, Alabama, and later obtained his D.Sc. with an emphasis in chemistry and biology. It was 1997 when Dr. Young received his Ph.D. from Clayton College of Natural Health. Dr. Robert O. Young is proud of his academic record and of the many years of research he has put into figuring out a system that promotes health and wellness for everyone.