Robert Pape Jr.

Robert J. Pape Jr. has devoted over 30 years to community involvement and engagement. He is a noted financial advisor, fundraiser, lecturer, and educator. Robert J. Pape Jr. has served as a financial advisor to numerous institutions, including the National Foundation of the Boy Scouts of America and The Interfaith Nutrition Network, which runs soup kitchens and emergency housing shelters in New York. In addition to his expansive professional experience, Robert J. Pape Jr. serves as an instructor and member of the tuition committee at St. Peter of Alcantara School in Port Washington, New York. Pape is also a volunteer firefighter and chaplain with the Port Washington Fire Department. Pape began his career as an attorney in the state of New York. Pape specialized in estate management and wealth preservation. In his practice as attorney, Robert J. Pape Jr. developed the financial expertise that he has gone on to employ in numerous charity and non-profit environments. In 2005, Robert J. Pape Jr. began working with the Boy Scouts of America as Associate Regional Director of the Regional Endowment Counsel of the Northeast Region. His outstanding service led him to achieve the highest performance ratings in meeting annual critical achievements. He also advised the National Foundation of the Boy Scouts of America on closing large donations and presented on planned giving at national meetings. Following his belief in the importance of helping youth, Robert J. Pape Jr. took a Development Consultant position with the Institute for Student Achievement in Lake Success, New York, in 2005. He was integral in planning and securing contributions to meet budgetary needs. Pape also served as an account manager and grant writer with the institute. Pape's compassionate service to the community led him to work as Director of Fundraising at the Interfaith Nutrition Network in Hempstead, New York, in 2008, where he coordinated fundraising to meet the operating budget of 19 soup kitchens and 3 housing shelters in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York. Since 2009, Robert J. Pape Jr. has provided consulting services in the creation and implementation of strategic fundraising plans to non-profits through Pape Consulting Services, LLC.