Robert Steven Anderson

History Tutor/Writer in York, Pennsylvania

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Robert Steven Anderson is a history tutor and writer living in York, Pennsylvania. Since he was old enough to read and write, Robert Steven has always been interested in learning about history.

In particular, Robert Steven Anderson enjoys U.S. History and the American Civil War. He has read many publications on these topics and has seen countless documentaries and films. One day, Anderson hopes to write his own educational book series about the Civil War for children. In this way, Robert hopes to share his passions and instill passions in children to study this fascinating topic.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Robert Steven Anderson has had the opportunity to visit many historical sites from the American Civil War and other significant times in U.S. history including Gettysburg and Philadelphia.

Robert Steven Anderson loves traveling to explore different historical sites, museums, and memorials across the United States. For his next trip, Anderson plans to visit the nation's capital of Washington D.C.

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