Robert Taurosa

General Manager in Manasquan, New Jersey

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Robert Taurosa is the founder and CEO of Ideal Life Settlements, located in Manasquan, NJ. He focuses on working with individuals looking to sell their life insurance policy to help finance day-to-day help.

Ideal Life Settlements is one of the largest Life Insurance Settlement companies in the United States. As a Life Settlement Broker, Ideal works with a multiplicity of funding companies to receive the highest offers for terminally ill and seniors on their life insurance policies. Ideal's unique approach facilitates the healthcare of nearly innumerable satisfied clients, an occurrence Robert is able to witness first-hand on a nearly daily basis.

Through Robert Taurosa's work, he has earned the trust of thousands of clients and hundreds of insurance companies and created an umbrella in which people feel comfortable going through him to ensure they are getting the highest value for their policies. With years and years of experience, Mr. Taurosa has developed a nuanced understanding of the insurance industry. His attention to detail and passion for perfection drive his ambition in delivering the absolute best service available on the market today.

Robert Taurosa respects and understands the needs of his clients to a level that goes beyond a professional relationship. Clients become friends and these friends become family. No matter what the case may be, Robert Taurosa and his team work together to ensure their client family is always provided for.

Ideal Life Settlements has continued to be an industry leader and Robert expects this to continue as they push to be the top company in the industry. When not managing his growing insurance firm, Robert dedicates his time to RPM Auto Sales.

Serving as general manager, Robert Taurosa oversees a sprawling six-acre automobile facility that houses premium condition cars and trucks on the east coast. By managing nuanced logistics, he ships these vehicles across the continental United States. By taking his same passion for customers that he exhibits in the insurance industry, Robert is able to provide an unmatched customer experience. Listening to consumers' needs and desires, he matches individuals with the right vehicle every time.

Robert Taurosa has always been absolutely fascinated by vehicles. Ever since his childhood, Robert has had a vested interest in cars. He loves the pure human ingenuity and engineering skill that it took to create the automobile.

  • Work
    • The Ideal Life Agency
  • Education
    • Monmouth University