Robert Wilkinson

Metro Atlanta Ga.

Information ArchitectWeb Presence Optimization (WPO) (SEO) Strategy Consultant & Hybred Graphic Artist:
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Robert is an: Information Architect & Creative Developer, with over a decade's industry experience in SEO/WPO/PM/UX Design & Web Campaign Development..

Today’s marketing is beyond a monologue: You must reach out & directly interact w your market demographic in a many number of strategically targeted ways. My strengths are in understanding those ways specifically by staying equipped to materialize them, insight-fully keeping current in the latest target marketing & WPO technologies; implementing them all in your favor — as your WPO Consultant or Information Architect.

Your web presence exists for a purpose: to aid in making your business more successful. But pretty pictures aren't enough. W/out new leads finding you those great visuals & cleverly placed calls to action are a waste of time.

SEO Web Presence Optimization is about optimizing content across your organization’s entire web presence – website, social media, blogs, email, mobile, etc —Its about dominating ALL search starting points so people will find your business as the answer during all phases of their online research.

The formula of online success is a combination of many elements.
I know how to take those many elements, using proven strategies & technologies, & turn them into a stress free formula of success for YOU.

Me: I might be an Information Architect, but I will never stop being an Artist & Tech Geek at heart.. with a passion for design & lifehacks to make life easier & better on everyone in this digital age.

About Me: Re-learning to walk & Rebuilding my life

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    • BlotterMonkey by Design
  • Education
    • Kennesaw State University
    • Penn Foster
    • Smart Certify
    • Project Management
    • Business Management