Robert Yocum

I live in the Inland Empire of Southern California working in the marketing department of a software company called Esri. I sing in a local choir unrelated to my church and another choir very much related to my church. I also attend a baptist (American Baptist) church in town where I spend a lot of time thinking about how churches have probably missed the boat with the whole "being relevant" thing and how we might redirect that energy into something awesome.

I also like to take pictures with my awesome Nikon camera (unpaid endorsement) and reading comic books, even at my advanced age relative to "normal" comic book enjoyment. I live in a swank guest house and am the envy of pretty much everyone I know.

Jameson is my favorite adult drink and Stone's Arrogant Bastard is my favorite beer. At least today. My beer preferences change depending and Craft Brew is where my taste lies.

I enjoy taking my Kindle to coffee shops where I read and eat a bagel while everyone else does whatever they do at a coffee shop. I people watch more than I read.