Rob Brown

Leader and Software Engineer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Four things about me:


My work has taken me half way around the world and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Day-to-day, I live between Toronto and Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.


If someone asks me what I would like to drink, I usually answer either with “a cortado, please” or sometimes, "a whisky would be great".


The thread that connects my career is technology and specifically, building distributed systems and software to innovate on the Internet. Referring to myself as "a creative developer with years of experience”, I have been a technical consultant, a teacher that helped pioneer the first accredited online high school in North America, the Chief Technology Officer for an online advertising company, an entrepreneur trying to make my mark on the world, the Director Of Technology for one of Canada’s largest eCommerce companies, and an Engineering Manager responsible for the systems enabling over 60 Million monthly active people.


I have a really great family. Not only does my wife, Brandy put up with all of the crazy stuff I do, but she supports and sometimes even encourages it. My kids give me a lot more than I give them. I try to even the score every day.